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NoiseTrade helps both artists and labels connect directly with fans through the exchange of email addresses and postal codes.


NoiseTrade Music helps artists & labels meaningfully connect with fans through the exchange of free music for email addresses & postal codes.

Great music is its own best marketing tool.
Lead with great content, not smoke & mirrors. There’s no better way to build your tribe than by letting the music speak for itself.

Have data, will travel.
Knowing who and where your fans are puts you in the driver seat. Meet your new marketing team.

You’re among friends.
Join the NoiseTrade Music community and find new fans among NoiseTrade’s massive audience who are eager to discover their new favorite artist.

The (not so) fringe benefits.
Ready to meet over a million new fans? We can make the introduction. With NoiseTrade Music’s highly engaged tribe of over 500,000, a feature in one of our weekly emails can really move the needle.

Take NoiseTrade everywhere.
Discover & listen to music on the go. The new NoiseTrade is just as mobile as you are.

Generosity that works both ways.
In addition to fan data, NoiseTrade lets fans respond to your free music in kind. Give your fans the ability to leave a tip if they like what they hear.

Fans tell friends, who tell their friends (and so on).
Great music doesn’t stay a secret for long. NoiseTrade makes it easy for fans to tell all of their friends about you.

No matter the device, NoiseTrade is there.
With the responsiveness of NoiseTrade’s platform, your fans have a great experience no matter where they find you. From desktop to tablet to mobile, we’ve got you covered.

Are you an Artist or a Label? Let’s get started.


Five reasons why you’re just a few clicks away from the best NoiseTrade experience ever:

Instant Downloads
Tired of having to enter an email & postal code to listen? With a fan account, as long as you’re logged in, your music is just a click away.

Personalized Fan Profile
Express yourself with your very own NoiseTrade URL. Share your fan account profile with friends to show them the music you love.

Listen All You Want
Listen to your heart’s desire (as long as it’s available on NoiseTrade).

Easy Tipping
Fancy yourself a patron of the arts? With one click you can save your credit card and make leaving a tip easier and quicker than ever.

It’s easy & FREE.
Best of all, your NoiseTrade fan account is completely free. Sign up today for the best NoiseTrade experience ever.

Create a Fan Account.


Want to tell NoiseTrade’s massive, highly engaged audience about your book, band or brand? Submit your music or book content for the opportunity to get in front of one of the most important and carefully curated audiences around.

Banner Ads
Advertising, the old fashioned way. Banner ads that run on NoiseTrade.com average click-through rates at more than 3x the industry standard.

Email Sponsorships
Tell your story to NoiseTrade’s 500,000 subscribers. With multiple 728×90 banners and a 300×250 sponsorship image (jpeg or gif), we’re holding the coolest spot in our emails just for you.

Featured Albums
Put your Album at the top of the NoiseTrade home page, and at the top of our regular newsletters. Several cost effective packages are available.

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